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It’s funny: in 2013 I was backing the HexFlex project on Kickstarter.

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Tags with a coin-cell battery inside, how long do they last? From my own experience: it is quite possible to clean very heavily rusted pliers from the outside and, by dropping oil into the hinge, work them up to a completely acceptable state. Having learned to type with a blind ten-finger method, it is already uncomfortable to type quickly on keyboards with a size of 18 mm, and it is inconvenient to type on keyboards narrowed to 17 mm (such was the case with the Eee pc 901) and slowly with ten fingers. Is it possible to compare with Ikea? You have a ruler at hand, what exactly is the size of the keyboard you are reviewing? Which program exactly? You can check it on the plane – at an altitude of 10,000 meters, the radiation background is noticeably higher. Also quite a good option from Leroy Merlin. The standard size for computer keyboards is 19 mm (measured between identical elements of adjacent keys) Really rusted through in a couple of nights? According to the experience of using such an immobilizer in a car, you have to carry a spare CR-2032 and a thin screwdriver with you – you have to change the battery every two or three months to go.

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