Hard drive case ORICO 2518C3. 2.5″, Type-C

In this review, I will share my impressions of one of these devices, model 2518C3. On the other end there are multiple perforations for heat dissipation. Board with two-sided arrangement of components, installation of parts is neat. For an example, here are the results of folk boxing 2139U3 from the review of the STANOK author The metal alloy chassis is devoid of any design solutions. This is not at all the faceless packaging in which I received all my cables, chargers and other goods from ORICO. The gif did not fit, you can see it at the link Sometimes this forces the release of similar devices, with a difference only in the connection interface. • USB3 cable .0 – USB Type-C • Modern type-c connector • Dimensions (WHD): 124x79x15 (actual dimensions are the same as stated) Features:

Hard drive case ORICO 2518C3. 2.5", Type-C

The speeds in the tests are not shameful. Each of which is carried out in two modes: with queue depth (Q32) and without. • Compatibility: 2.5” SSD/HDD thickness 7-9.5mm The product was provided for writing a review by the store. • Support for modern features Recommended for purchase. It is also possible to order from a Russian warehouse for an additional charge of 87 rubles (At the time of the publication of the review, shipping from the Russian Federation was no longer available). • Model: 2518C3 Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules Crystal Disk Mark There is a small chatter of the type-c plug in the connector in both planes, but this does not affect the operation of the disk, the data is copied without interruption. So two years ago, a line of enclosures for external hard drives with a type-c connector appeared. Device specifications: The appearance of the devices completely repeated those of the series with usb 3.0. • Sleep mode • Support for UASP protocol Moderately flexible, generally normal cables. On the reverse side, the characteristics and capabilities of the device are listed in two languages. the hero of the review lies tightly.Complete set: Here on Muska you can find many laudatory reviews of the products of this company. The date of manufacture of the board is present. Nothing catches the eye. A cover would be very helpful here. An example of a situation when UASP does not work demonstrates this screen (taken from a review) Approximately the same results are produced by the test in the AS SSD program The control board is covered with a plastic strip, without screws. Pros: The device comes in a beautiful branded packaging. • Torx screwdriver with screws included If the test result of 4K32T1 is greater than 4K by 3-6 times or more, then
UASP protocol is supported and working. Rough like fine sandpaper. Comparing the results of tests 4KQ32T1 and 4K will help you understand whether the NCQ and UASP functions work. The VL716 controller supports Trim, which confirms the result of the TrimCheck test.SMART Also works. • Two good cables included The program uses 2 types of testing write and read speed: random and sequential (Seq). • Defect with connector and plug. • Cable USB Type-C – USB Type-C Demonstration of the operation of the LED Whether packaging of this quality is important to all end buyers is, of course, a rhetorical question, nevertheless, the design is good and does not spoil the first impression. The buyer is offered a choice of two body colors: gray and silver.
And two configuration options: with and without a storage case. At the time of publication, the same case with USB-3.0 cost almost half the price of a subject, and buying a popular transparent box 2139U3 will help save even more. The device operates under the control of the popular VIA VL716 controller. • Enclosure for external HDD/SSD drive ORICO 2518C3 The letter "C" indicates the type-c connection interface. Easily removed. • Metal body • Screwdriver with two screws (I forgot to put it in the photo) The length of each is 58cm, the diameter is about 4mm. Let’s write it down as a minus, the manufacturer could make the plug-connector assembly work better, but did not. boxes. • LED indicator on the housing indicates the current status of the device: on – power, blinking – transmission data, went out – sleep. • External interface: USB3.1 GEN 2, Type-C Even the brand logo of the manufacturer is applied palely. • Instructions and welcome card about “thank you for buying” The bundled cables seem to be of good quality, although not branded ORICO. In ORICO, as in many other Chinese companies that trade with the whole world, they try to be in trend and offer the market devices with up-to-date characteristics. There are also popular transparent cases, budget screwless designs and more expensive boxes made of aluminum or silicone inserts. • Aluminum alloy housing From the shortcomings:
Muska already had a review of a similar device in a transparent case: mysku.club/blog/aliexpress/49253.html. However, type-c devices are noticeably more expensive than similar micro-b usb 3.0 devices. As a result: UASP is supported, trim works, smart is read. And praise is not in vain. The place for the drive is made of plastic, fasteners are provided
with screws and a soft damper spacer inside the case. The appearance of the case is an example of minimalism. Devices with full UASP support must be able to transmit TRIM commands for an SSD drive. The socket for connecting the cable and the eye of the LED – that’s all that is on the end. As a test subject, I will use a 240GB SSD drive from Mengmi, which I have already reviewed. There are only two holes on the body for attaching the media, and both are on the sides. • Internal interface: SATA3.0 For those who don’t know, I’m sure there are almost none here, but you never know, ORICO is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of quality storage and data transfer devices and chargers. • High price In total, there will be three tests for the operation of the functions most requested by users: UASP, TRIM, SMART.

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